How Do You Stop Alien Abductions?

As a post script to her video interview, Rachel shares more of her experiences and advice on how to stop Alien abductions.

Table of Contents:

0:00 – 1:38 – How Do You Stop Alien Abductions?
1:39 – 3:16 – Recognizing the Signs
3:17 – 4:29 – Meditation and Self-Awareness
4:30 – 5:29 – Second Sleep
5:30 – 6:33 – Non-Engagement
6:34 – 8:03 – Self-Honesty
8:04 – 10:00 – Connecting with Others

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5 replies on “How Do You Stop Alien Abductions?”

I’ve found that under very deep meditation where your able to observe your mind from a distance I’ve been able to intrude into their thoughts which totally caught them unaware. Once I focused my mind on them surprising them that I was listening with them being unaware they instantly left very quickly and I had the feeling they were in shock. I think meditation is the key to controlling and guarding your mind. If you can get deep enough they can’t pick up on your mind and thoughts. It’s definitely a weapon you can use to protect yourself and become powerful in the mental environment.

[…] This story is a an illustration of the kind of context that we might be able to create around the alien intervention in our world right now and I feel it’s important to relate to resistance to the intervention in a very discerning and wise way. I think what’s important here is to recognize that our greatest strength against the intervening forces is our inner fire. […]

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