How Do You Stop Alien Abductions?

As a post script to her video interview, Rachel shares more of her experiences and advice on how to stop Alien abductions.

Table of Contents:

0:00 – 1:38 – How Do You Stop Alien Abductions?
1:39 – 3:16 – Recognizing the Signs
3:17 – 4:29 – Meditation and Self-Awareness
4:30 – 5:29 – Second Sleep
5:30 – 6:33 – Non-Engagement
6:34 – 8:03 – Self-Honesty
8:04 – 10:00 – Connecting with Others

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7 replies on “How Do You Stop Alien Abductions?”

I’ve found that under very deep meditation where your able to observe your mind from a distance I’ve been able to intrude into their thoughts which totally caught them unaware. Once I focused my mind on them surprising them that I was listening with them being unaware they instantly left very quickly and I had the feeling they were in shock. I think meditation is the key to controlling and guarding your mind. If you can get deep enough they can’t pick up on your mind and thoughts. It’s definitely a weapon you can use to protect yourself and become powerful in the mental environment.

[…] This story is a an illustration of the kind of context that we might be able to create around the alien intervention in our world right now and I feel it’s important to relate to resistance to the intervention in a very discerning and wise way. I think what’s important here is to recognize that our greatest strength against the intervening forces is our inner fire. […]

Saying it is in the mine is convenient. This is not exclusive and can be seen throughout humanity right now and the history of humanity.
Discernmnt an multiple levels mind body and spirit. Nighty light the moving in the sky. Energy swirling in and out, cuts , etc.
many different ways. Ancient protective ways including new ones. Metals , crystals , diatomaceous earth, baking soda, cinnamon, etc. the journey has been long and hard by above all with GODs power. May all the Love is be with all abductees because going at it alone is no walk in the park.

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