The mission of the Alien Resistance Group (ARG) is to act as a hub of activity with a central focus on resisting the extraterrestrial alien intervention in our world. We advocate clear boundaries towards contact with alien races to ensure that we only engage in ethical, open, consensual relations. The motive for this is that humanity is not united and therefore not ready for contact with other races in the universe. Premature relations with foreign races, and the illegal, clandestine activities of alien races currently on the planet, pose a significant threat to our freedom and the future of our world. We advocate for human unity and cooperation, maintaining our self-sufficiency and the cessation of transmission into space in order to secure and maintain our freedom in the universe.

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We have five primary arenas of activity:

The first is education and raising public awareness. Through demonstrations, social media outreach, video documentaries, online seminars and public speaking engagements, we present information to help people understand the implications of contact from beyond this world and to educate people about what is actually happening right now.

The second arena is government lobbying and alerting religious authorities about what is occurring and the kind of persuasion that they might come under. We seek to inform and warn our leaders about the alien intervention that is underway and the tactics they use, particularly around the use of persuasion and direct mental manipulation. We aim to encourage caution and extreme discretion around contact with alien forces, discouraging any trade deals or agreements of any other nature, as well as suggesting that they take precautions towards protecting their minds and maintaining an awareness of how they are being persuaded. We seek to redirect any superstitious notions, that describe our visitors as demons or angels, that surround this subject and that are prevalent in many religious traditions in our world.

The third arena is centered on providing resistance tools and information for individuals and communities on how to actively resist the alien intervention occurring in our homes, in our communities and in our countries. By uniting with a voice that says, “No! Go home aliens – you aren’t welcome at this time,” We can repel the alien intrusions into our bodies, our homes and our world in general.

Our fourth arena of activity is focused on conducting and supporting research into the reality of contact and how it is manifesting itself in the world. We seek to gain insight into the inner workings of the alien intervention through interviewing abductees and conducting hypnotic regression, learning more about their technology and if there are any technological mechanisms within our means that can help us resist the intervention, and also by conduction research into the direct mental manipulation and what can be done to offset or guard against such manipulation.

Lastly we are focused on supporting and promoting the wellbeing of anyone who has been affected by the intervention and helping them find the strength and resilience to combat their captors and make it as hard for the intervention as we can. We offer counseling, remote support, resources and the wisdom that we’ve gathered so far regarding how best to resist the forces of E.T. alien persuasion and establish strength and sovereignty in decision making.

The Allies of Humanity say that alien intervention will be an ongoing issue on this planet. This makes our mission one that will be relevant well into the future. Our actions will not only be geared towards securing our freedom from the intervention underway in the world currently but in preserving our freedom against any future interventions and attempts at gaining access to the allegiance and resources of the world.

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