After awareness of the alien threat, the next step is to resist the the alien agenda. Use these tools to push back against the greatest threat to freedom in human history:

Spiritual Practice to Resist Aliens

The best defense against abductions and the powerful mental influences from extraterrestrial aliens is to develop your connection to spirit.

The Steps to Knowledge is the only meditation program given to spiritually protect and strengthen those people who feel a connection to humanity’s emerging contact with life in the universe. Free to take the Steps online.Steps to KnowledgeThe aliens on the planet today are small in numbers but their influence is great. Connect with inner Knowledge, your incorruptible inner guidance system which is at the heart of all world religions, to best resist alien influence.

Sign the Declaration of Human Sovereignty

Support the human sovereignty movement and join thousands of others around the world who declare our human sovereignty as a fundamental right in the universe!Declaration of human sovereigntyIt only takes a small, vocal minority, maybe just 2-3% of humanity, to say “NO” to the alien presence in the world and they will be forced to leave the planet.

Sign the Declaration

Share your Story

Do you have experiences with extraterrestrial aliens that you’d like to share?

Have you regularly dealt with interference and intrusions from Aliens? Then, please share your story and let us help you publish it on this site, either through a video interview or through a written article.

Spread the Word

Tell others about the alien threat in the world today. Share these images and quotes in social media and emails:

Resist alien intervention
“Humanity will fall into the hands of the Intervention eventually unless great effort is made to resist the Intervention and to reveal its presence and purpose in the world.” – Resisting the Alien Intervention
native people must resist aliens
“All of humanity are now the native peoples of the world facing intervention – an Intervention that is here to use you for itself, for its own wealth and acquisition.” – Who Are Allies of Humanity?
you must resist aliens
“You have power. You have skills. You have wisdom. No one else can live in your world. It is biologically too complex for them. They need you. They need your cooperation. They need you to submit to them, willingly. They need to erode your self-confidence so that you feel you cannot resist them. They need you to deplete your resources so that you will become dependent upon them.” – Humanity‚Äôs Emergence into the Greater Community
clandestine plan
“Many people must become aware that the Earth is being visited and that foreign powers are here operating in a clandestine manner, seeking to hide their agenda and endeavors from human understanding.” – The Allies of Humanity, 6th briefing
alien visitation
“While it may be appropriate for an alien race to share with us their experience and wisdom from afar, it is not appropriate for alien races to come here uninvited and attempt to interfere in and manipulate human affairs, even under the guise of helping us.In humanity’s experience of Contact so far, our authority and proprietary rights as the native peoples of this world are being circumvented. The visitors have pursued their own agenda, without regard for humanity’s approval or informed participation.As the indigenous peoples of this world, we have the right and responsibility to determine when and how visitation will occur and who may enter our world. We must let it be known to all alien nations and groups in the Universe that we are a self-determined race and that we intend to exercise our rights and responsibilities as a race of free peoples in the universe around us.At every turn we must take an active role to discern and oppose this extraterrestrial Intervention.” – Marshall Vian Summers
Alien contact
“In many cases, worlds were overtaken before they ever became united. Foreign influence became established, inroads were made into the leadership of emerging worlds, their conflicts were exacerbated until one chosen nation or group was supported to overcome all the rest. This has not yet happened in your world, and it is to your benefit that this is so. Some worlds are so valuable to others that they were overtaken before the native peoples ever gained any technology. This has happened countless times in the Greater Community. In the stable environment that exists in your region of space, your world is amongst a very few that have not been overtaken or consumed by other nations.” – Technology and the Different Paths to Stability
Aliens are Here
“Several other alien races from the Greater Community are visiting our world without our permission and are actively interfering in human affairs. The visitors are involved in a long process of integrating themselves into the fabric and soul of human life for the purpose of gaining control of the worlds resources and people.”
Raise your voice
“Humanity does not recognize its advantage in living in a highly populated region of space where military conquest is not allowed and where war and violence are rare. You do not realize the advantage this gives you. If you raise your voice against the Intervention, it is put at risk. If you oppose the Intervention, if enough people can do this, the Intervention must withdraw.”


Resist Alien Stickers

Post free “No Alien” stickers in your community. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

P.O. Box 911
Stanwood, WA 98292

No aliens!Include some money to get more “No Alien” stickers.

Physical Protection

Some abductees have reported that they can resist, or at least interfere with alien mental influences by wearing hats and other garments made of VeloStat fabric. It isn’t cheap but little else has worked. For people living in Europe, try: CoolComponents.Velostat hat to resist alien mental influence