The Story of the Invisible King

So, this is the story of the invisible king.

There was once a town that had an invisible king. They were a peaceful town, by and large, and they were quite a prosperous and happy people. And word got around about this land and to a particular king, we’ll call him Jeff.

Jeff the king lived in a land nearby this land with the invisible king, and Jeff heard about this land and thought to himself: “You know what? I really want to invade that land. That sounds like a good idea! This is part of my progression as a leader.”

And he he decided to invade this land. Let’s call it, we’ll call it “Elepharia.” Now Elepharia didn’t have a wall, didn’t have any particular marked borders, or much of a defense around it. You might say that’s unwise, but that’s just how it was.

So, Jeff the king just marched right into Elepharia and right to the capital city and just took over! His people were just a few of his guards and soldiers. He just took over and seized control. He marched into the main city himself and he asked people, “Where is your king? In order to declare my victory I must slaughter your king!”

Everybody he asked said to him, “Um, oh yeah, our king he’s here but he is invisible. So you won’t be able to find him.”
And so Jeff was was really puzzled and enraged about this, the reality that there was an invisible king and  he just thought that they were lying!

That their king had kind of gone off somewhere. And so he established his own headquarters in the town and he proceeded to have taxes on the population and have his various ways of controlling them with checkpoints and identity documents and that kind of thing.

By and large, the people weren’t particularly affected and in fact were very clever at bypassing his regulations. And they had really ingenious ways of hiding from his guards, and replacing identity documents. This was really quite a remarkable scheme of still maintaining a degree of their freedom in their former life with this imposition of control on them.

And the king was puzzled, so he got his guards to ask people, to ask the townspeople what was going on! And his guards sent a
few of these towns people to him and they they were actually really happy to offer up information. They said to Jeff, “Well, we’re actually still following the orders of our king because he’s not dead! He’s still very much around, but he is invisible so that’s why you can’t see him!”

And Jeff was just beside himself because obviously they were being coordinated in some way but he had no idea of how to stop this or what to do to mitigate their ability to maneuver around his dictates and control. So he got his his soldiers and guards to do a bit of spying and to blend in with the people to find out a little bit more about their society and how they coordinated with each other.

Essentially, these guards started hearing here or there about this “sacred fire” through which the king would communicate with the population. And Jeff thought to himself, “Ah, the sacred fire! Okay, if we can find that fire I’ll quench it! I’ll put it out and they’ll never be able to communicate with their king again! And I will control all the fires in the region so that another sacred fire isn’t created!”

And so they ensued a massive search for this fire and they eventually found in somebody’s house, quite a large fire that was just constantly going and Jeff thought, “Oh that must be the sacred fire!”

So, everybody got loads of buckets of water and some sand or whatever and put out the fire to the kind of amused and frustrated on looking of the the guy who owns the house, who turns out he just owned the water heating system of that particular town!

And having thought that he’d quenched the sacred fire, Jeff thought he’d conquered the people and they’d no longer be able to organize and coordinate themselves. However, what he didn’t realize is that the sacred fire was within the people and that they listened to this inner voice which guided their actions and gave them a context from which to understand this control, how to relate to it in order to pursue constructive and effective means of resisting.

Eventually the town’s people and the people of the land of  Elepharia were able to outgrow Jeff and establish a resilient system that Jeff wasn’t able to function with. I don’t know what that system looks like, but basically Jeff was was pushed out and his soldiers and people no longer inhabited the land.

The people of Elepharia did decide to build a border, to build walls and to do all other such perhaps wise things that would help them maintain their sovereignty in the future. However, they did also build up a reputation amongst the lands around them that they weren’t easily manipulated or controlled. And that stood them in good favor into the future and they were able to preserve their freedom!

This story is a an illustration of the kind of context that we might be able to create around the alien intervention in our world right now and I feel it’s important to relate to resistance to the intervention in a very discerning and wise way. I think what’s important here is to recognize that our greatest strength against the intervening forces is our inner fire.

The resources that it gives us, the insight that it gives us, into those people that are trying to control us not only on this planet, but from elsewhere. And gives us the the context from which to relate to this in order to act effectively at finding ways of preserving our freedom.

I don’t think it’s so clear-cut in terms of what specifically we have to do, but we do need to find those solutions and this inner light. This spiritual reality provides the context to make something that is not only effective but also affected within what is really valuable and what is what we really cherish, what is sacred to us as a human family.

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