The Galactic Federation of Alien Deception

In the Fall of 2008, I came across the galactic federation of light (GFL) newsletters from Sheldan Nidle. I really wanted to believe this message of liberation and cooperation with ETs, but the more I read his work, the more obvious it became that it had elements of an alien deception.

It seemed like a never ending litany of galactic drama meant to confuse and upset us, the people of Earth. Soon after realizing this alien deception, I found some really important teachings that a classmate shared with me: Steps to Knowledge, Wisdom from the Greater Community and the Allies of Humanity Briefings.

From these books, the alien intervention and the significance of spirituality to resist the alien agenda had started to really make sense to me then. I began to draw a line of distinction between the two whereas before I did not.

I now recognize that I pose a threat to the alien agenda and it was soon after I decided to resist the ET intervention that they started to influence me directly.

Mental Interference

At age 22 I started a new job where I’d drive home at around 10 p.m., 5 days a week. On my way home one night, I started to experience projections of violent images in my mind. I also felt a sense of violation and disgust in response to this outside force acting on me.

night drive

Having developed my skills of discernment and resistance through the study of Steps to Knowledge, I found that I could focus my consciousness on myself and this outside influence couldn’t penetrate my mind as much.

I realize now that these projections were directed at me because the ETs were displeased with me.

It seemed like they had decided I was no longer going to be useful for them in their agenda.

I clearly sensed a force from above looking down and saying, “If this person won’t fall in line with our agenda, then disable his mind and his ability to function normally. Make him erratic. Make it difficult for this person to operate and resist our influence.”

The feeling was one of no empathy. I believe these physical beings base their mentality on a physical survival mechanism that has evolved to a very sophisticated level. It is an expression of ego at a very advanced level.

My feeling was that their awareness is limited to their agenda and any threats to their agenda. They don’t see anything outside of this.

I feel humanity now has an opportunity to level the playing field, so to speak, by cultivating strength with the greater spiritual power that lives within all of us. This power is called “Knowledge” for its ability to intrinsically know the truth, beyond any alien deception.

Alien Deception in China

When I was teaching English in China in 2013, I experienced a similar, powerfully disruptive and painful radiating energy that I felt was an attempt to damage my mind, in some way.

Energy was directed at me in the middle of the night. I was alone and it lasted for hours. I tried the same tactic I used against the mental images a year before – I tried to push it out of my mind, but it didn’t really work.

I became exhausted, and said the words of ancient protection, “Nasi Navare Coram,” which means, “the presence of the Teachers of God is with me.”

I then felt and saw a subtle green wave of energy envelope me.

I then saw two gray aliens in my mind’s eye. They just turned away and the radiation feeling ceased abruptly.

alien deception at night

My spiritual practice taught me to call on God for assistance in this matter. Knowing this has helped me and enabled me to live my life fully.

The Danger of Contact with Aliens

The Allies Briefings tell us that aliens are here but they’re not going to perform a military-style takeover. They’re physically on the Earth but they’re going to use a different set of skills to occupy this planet for themselves.

At a very high level, they are supporting chaos in the human family and, in-time, will present their technology and their presence as an answer to humanity’s persistent state of chaos. This would make us dependent on alien technology for energy production and other basic needs.

In this scenario, humanity would not be able to produce alien technology on our own (or have the resources required present on Earth to run it). If our world comes to rely on alien technology for stability, then the ET Intervention will have all of the leverage when negotiating trading terms with Earth.

We will be forced to bargain away our sovereignty for the prospect of less chaos. And with this, the world will cease to be influenced by the human values that many of us hold dear. In this way, we can become beholden to their alien way of life which is regimented, compliant and harsh compared to what we know.

These alien races that are visiting Earth now do not value humanity in any way other than as a workforce. Humanity may appear to be in control, but the ET’s will be pulling the strings behind closed doors using hybrid (half-alien, half human) people to execute their plan on earth.

The primary way the aliens influence people is through direct mental manipulation. That is why cultivating the skills taught in Steps to Knowledge and studying the Allies of Humanity briefings are so important now.

As you can see through my experience, the solution to the alien problem is a spiritual one. We as individuals need to rely on the guidance and assistance of the Spiritual Presence within us all to be able to effectively resist the intervention.

As a society we need to become united, discrete and self-sufficient in order to be able to resist the inducements of this alien deception. This is humanity’s greatest strength and gift to a universe full of intelligent life where freedom is rare.


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These bastards are really clever, and they love to hunt minds in herds, a techinque that allows them to easily overcome any possible resistance, not only because they are more developed in deceiving others, but because they are many. Be very careful.

Hi Zachary, I to have had this experience 14 years ago. It was of violent images being projected mentally late at night for months. I’ve been studying Steps to Knowledge for around 8 years and The Allies of Humanity. Without this practice I would’nt have the strength and clarity to be able to discern future mental intrusions on me. I must of been a threat to them for a very long time! Now I’m gaining extra strength and discernment everyday through my practice of the Steps to Knowledge . I’m 43 years old and have witnessed craft from around 5 years old. I know someone who is 100% supporting the alien agenda and through my study has made me fully aware of their bad intentions on me and the people around me. All the best!

Brother, I know exactly what you are going through! I have been alone in Knowledge in my city of 1,000,000 people. For years I apostatized without success and often began to be noticed by the enemy. I had to cool things down as I was getting their mental visits when I was sleeping. I actually woke up not remembering my abduction but the evidence of puncture marks were there regardless.
The ET presence is active here and when you are outside of the bright lights from the city you can see their crafts everywhere. One night over a period of two hours I counted 43 craft above.
I can’t help but notice the increase in microwave technology enhancements. I see the degradation in people’s health every day ever so slowly. It wasn’t until I felt symptoms I knew I had to do something about. Did you know that coating your windows with mylar 5G microwaves won’t penetrate it? Whenever I am not using WIFI I unplug it and it gives me better sleep especially if I turn off my phone too.
With my ten years of being with Knowledge I found myself being able to be sensitive to Alien presence in my proximity and sometimes I actually run into Hybrids. The Hybrids I’ve met don’t like it when I stare at them. They know it and feel threatened by me and they act funny when I send them mental thoughts to mess them up. So far all they have done is leave when I’m there.
It seems with this so called pandemic I see and understand what Marshall was telling us years ago that there would be some influence by ET in deciding our fate as they try to trim down the population so they won’t have so many of us to deal with when they bring their version of the Messiah to fool people on every scale. They are losing the battle because they are going all out and using every trick in the book. What is really unique that there are people everywhere around the world picking up on our energy and vibe we put out with out them knowing who we are. It’s like we emanate a beacon of energy that stabilizes for a person a few rare moments of tranquility, peace of mind, and goodwill towards man. I am seeing great results by sending tortured, mentally “malalaised ” people the love that we have come to know by being the bravest group of spiritual warriors on the planet, and nobody has ever been stronger than we are in history! ET has another thing coming if they think I’m going to stand out in the open and get attacked or eliminated by them. This has to be a war are going to fight on our terms where the mental environment they are dominating in will be subverted soon. Then, if you want to feel there confusion when they come at you, you will be prepared because that will be the day you’ve waited for all your life and Knowledge will tell you what to do.

So I thought I was the clever one when I discovered the Galactic Feds, The Arcturian council of 9, LIGHTWORKERS, Pliedians, Syrusians etc

Phoebus Apollo

New age ideology stipulates that the spiritually enlightened individual need not engage in any form of worldly or physically based activism for a global paradigm shift to New Earth, a modern Utopia based on New Age beliefs and desires and attempted manifestations via the Law of Attraction even in the wake of societal chaos, governmental conspiracy, ecological decimation, political duplicity, cultural enslavement and global hegemony, our New Agers use the absurd premise based upon the presumption that personal spiritual transformation and increased vibrational resonance will by itself generate the alteration of collective change, when all we have is totalitarian government by a ruling elite of the 1%, now the New Agers think they can convert the 100% just by the different minority rule of approx 1% again as New Age is big business but is it bad business? Meanwhile over at New Age HQ in Sedona, Arizona they worship the love n light of the ET saviours from the Galactic Feds, although the messages are not emanating from ET’s but Californian Snake Oil salesmen living high vibes on the you tube advert money. Karma does not exist and the Law of Attraction fails to release its secret as the new 1% rulers on New Earth see rationality ruling as all their core beliefs of Astrology, Numerology, Oneness, Universal consciousness and Christs Consciousness all scientifically debunked: and the debunking is being done by the reincarnations of Apollo, St John the Baptist, Yeshua Ha Mashiach and therefore God himself, yet the New Agers in the comments section under the joke shop New Age Gurus videos who receive a correction go ballistic telling God he is wrong and that just proves that humanity cannot handle the truth, in a world so fake that New Age Gurus are creaming in abundance blatantly lying and as long as you have a you tube channel, you get away with it as the sycophants defend bull shit Quantum Physics and refuse to join the

Search: The Truth About the Law of Attraction | Psychology Today

You may as well stay asleep and vote for Republicrats, before someone like the Medium Channel take over the global IT sector replacing it with telepathy.

Karma???? Karma has been debunked as it was seen as a cause-and-effect cycle, only Quantum Scientists have discovered that cause and effect does not work and that there is no evidence of Karma, fate and destiny that affect humans. The philosophical argument is won as the actual consciousness that would have to take action to make Karma work, the mind of God is subject to the Law of Free-Will whereby God takes no action or otherwise in the affairs of humans. So, Karma can’t hold you back as it does not exist so back to the drawing board. , Syracusan’s and other star seeds groups on you tube were all a deception now I know others have twigged on:

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