Read these excellent books and watch these eye-opening videos to understand how serious and grave the threat is from the Extraterrestrial Alien presence in the world today:

The Allies of Humanity

Dr. David Jacobs

  • “Walking Among Us” by Temple University professor David Jacobs gives voluminous evidence of how advanced the Alien-Human hybridization program is.
  • Radio interview about abductions and hybrids with Dr. Jacobs:

Karla Turner

  • The ground-breaking book “Taken” by Karla Turner shows how aliens are using humanity’s religious beliefs to distort our perceptions of the alien presence.
  • Alien abduction lecture given by Karla Turner:

Budd Hopkins

  • The book “Missing Time” by Budd Hopkins details how pervasive and shockingly common alien abductions are in the world today.
  • OpenMinds.TV interview with Budd Hopkins:

Dr. John Mack

According to a 1991 poll, several million Americans are regularly affected by alien abductions.