Rachel’s Alien Abduction Video

Rachel has been regularly abducted by Zeta (grey) and Reptilian extraterrestrial aliens since the age of three. Her body has been used against her will to carry alien-human hybrid beings into life. She has been the victim of alien abuse, kidnapping and sexual assault by more than one race of aliens. This is part of her life’s testimony. These are real memories not reclaimed through hypnosis. She speaks out now to prevent future alien abductions and to resist the clandestine alien colonization plan that has been ongoing for decades.

Table of Contents:

0:00 – 2:03 – Introduction
2:04 – 4:50 – Rachel’s Grey “Zeta” Abductors
4:51 – 8:31 – Recent Abductions
8:32 – 11:27 – Reptilian vs. Zeta Abductions
11:28 – 17:13 – The Alien-Human Hybridization Program
17:14 – 23:43 – The Pacification Program
23:44 – 25:28 – What This Means for Humanity
25:29 – 27:50 – September Alien Abduction
27:51 – 29:04 – Stopping Alien Abductions
29:05 – 31:21 – A Spiritual Presence

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4 replies on “Rachel’s Alien Abduction Video”

I am very grateful for this perspective from a long time abductee. I really enjoyed her description of the visual process she uses to protect herself each night. This feels like a practice that can be of great assistance to keep my ship in order. Thank you Rachel. Nasi Novare Coram

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